Friday, September 10, 2010

family: ... win! win!...

(daddy win)

Yesterday (or was it the day before? these days blur into each other when I'm focused on holding it together on my own) I had a significant win as a daddy. L was foolish enough to ask me to put a pony tail in her hair, and I did. Luckily she is neither critical enough to double-check my work, or discerning enough to demand a redo (both of which K would most certainly have done).

Once I'd managed to make her so happy that she spent the morning running like a maniac back and forth around the kitchen, I decided I should immortalize my work. Some day she'll look at these pictures and wonder how she ever managed to survive little girldom But that's a worry for another day, another year.

Here's a picture of L refusing to slow down long enough for me to capture the deed. She's just ricocheted off the kitchen door and is heading back toward the mudroom:

Pure Joy
(and wanting to tease Dada)

And here's a picture I somehow managed to take, utilizing techniques similar to those of National Geographic photographers who take pictures of hummingbird toenails:

Ear, with pony tail
(stop-action photography by ME!)

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