Friday, September 17, 2010

family: ... it's all right now...

a "conversation" while solo parenting last weekend:

L: Dada?
me: Yeah L?
L: What you doing?
me: Uh, having some privacy.
L: In the bath room?
me: Yes.
L: Ok.... Dada?
me: Yes L?
L: I changing my panth because I need to change them because it getting late and I want to change them.
me: ???
L (pushing open the door): What you doing?
me: L...
L (laughing and pulling her jeans over her stiff legs): I'm putting on my pantsies.
me: Ok.
L (grinning in through the now open door): Could I have a little pwivacy? Could I Dada? Could I have a little pwivacy?
me (starting to laugh): Sure L.
L: Cause I need some pwivacy because I going to have to change my jeanth because I want some pwivacy. Ok Dada?
me: Sure. Ok. I've got your back.
L: What?
me: Nothing.
L: What?!? My back?
me: Nothing L. It's just a saying.
L: A thaying?
me: That's right.
L: I need some pwivacy!
me: I know L.
L: That ok?
me: Yes L, it's ok.
L: Ok.... Dada?
me: Yeah?
L: Can you help me?
me: Sure L.

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