Saturday, September 25, 2010

family: ... sitting on top of...

Something thing I love about M is the example she sets for our girls.

She isn't afraid to try things, or to get her hands dirty trying.

Today we went by the college climbing rock and of course M wanted to try.

Reaching for the sky!*
(miles above the ground)

And then so did the girls...

K&L, now with two, two,
(two times the climbing power!)

I served strictly as "documentarian."

How wonderful for K&L to have a mom like this. They'll really appreciate it in the years to come. The sky's the limit girls!

Missionaries, missionaries, we're on top!**

Ms. Good Example
(who wouldn't like a mom like this?!?)

* where sky may = approximately 6' up and miles might be "about 2 feet," with me lying on my back so as to give the pictures the proper perspective
** unofficial whitman college cheer

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Wendell McTravelNerd said...

I fully concur, M is awesome all around. Only thing that would have made this more awesome is if she'd kept her sweater wrapped over her shoulders for the whole climb -- preppy style.