Tuesday, September 21, 2010

definitions (special edition): spodoze / ahminated

it's a special WTF edition of double-definition tuesday!

lollypops from NYC!

spodoze - ???, ????


L (snuggled against me, reading): It spodoze.
me (looking down): "Spodoze?"
L: Yeah! (starting to laugh), spodoze!
me: Spodoze.
L (laughing maniacally now, and beginning to hop about): SPODOZE! IT SPODOZE. Yeah Dada, spodoze!!!!
me: (giving in to laughter without knowledge or understanding)
L (singing it now): Spodoze, spodoze, spodoze!!

ahminated - adjective?: ????

L (walking into the kitchen): Dada?
me: Yes L?
L: Whoa is K?
me: She's in the bathroom.
L: K! K! You want to go upstay-ers with me?
K: What?!?
L: You want to go upstay-ers with me?
K: What?
me: Let her finish L. Ask her after she comes out.
L: What?
me: Wait until she's done in the bathroom.
L: K?
K: What?
L: What you doing?
K (opening the door): What?
L: You want to go upstay-ers with me?
K: No!
L (somewhat disapointed): K, you're tho ahminated!
me: ???
L: Yeah!
me: What's "ahminated?"
L: It boolly boolly boolly! (laughs maniacally)

bonus "ahminated" picture
(dimness of photo due to crappy September weather,
not to technical failures of photographer)

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Anonymous said...

first, the photo at the bottom doesn't look dim and second, I think your girls would have lots to say about the WTF at the top!!! Kim