Friday, February 5, 2010

photo thursday friday: hats on to...

... our good friend and hat (and dress, scarf, glove) maker, Sheilam!

K in her "daisy" hat (aka, the hat that started it all)
(6 days old, 2006)

K, in her custom knit sundress
(and in the sun!, Seattle waterfront, 2007)

L(&M), in her custom "elf" hat, 2007
(K has a matching one)

L in M's awesome purple hat, 2008
(looking something like Bruuuuuuuce here ... or not)

L again,this time in a hand-me-down
Pumpkin hat from K, 2009
(3/13/10 edit: M has reminded me that this beautiful hat was actually made and given to Kate by another talented friend, Jocelyn. So the moral of the story, besides the fact that I'm not a reliable narrator, is that the girls have multiple knitters spoiling them.)

K, in her latest, a 2009 Christmas Ladybug hat

L in her 2009 Christmas Owl hat
(and a very characteristic pose)

(all hats and more are courtesy of Sheilam! Thanks!)


Anonymous said...

I was thinking that your girls have a wonderful array of knit hats. How wonderful that they are custom made for them, I just figured you had found a great store with a cool selection!

Anonymous said...

Actually PVZ, that pumpkin hat was made by Jocelyn... just setting the record straight.