Tuesday, February 16, 2010

family: ... her name was vernon-i-ca

I haven't been able to figure out if having Saddle Club dvds has helped or hurt K's imagination. For every time she wants to sit in front of the TV and watch an episode ("2! After this one, one more."), there's a scene we reenact in the comfort of our own stable/kitchen.

This weekend it was a key scene in the final show of the first season, a show in which Lisa comes out of her coma (after Stevie and Carol bring her horse Prancer to the hospital-hospital security isn't the same down under!) just in time for Max and Deborah to go ahead and get hitched (ehem!), and Phil manages finally to express his interest in Stevie to Stevie in spite of Veronica's underhanded meddling.

scene: in the common area at Pine Hollow Stables
players: Stevie (played by K), Carol (played, variously by M or me), Pine Hollow (played by our kitchen)
props: torn "valentimes" cards and shocked expressions

K (opening up one of her valentine's cards and roughly quoting from the show): "I know you don't want to see me or talk to me, but..." Hey, it says "Phil!"
M or me (reading the paper, eating breakfast/lunch or dinner, wiping up spilled milk/yogurt/water....): "But his name is written in a different pen."
K (smiling): "Yeah!"
M or me (picking L up, clearing the table, wiping spilled milk/yogurt/catsup): "And it's torn off. It's only part of the message!"
L: It tored off!
K: "Yeah!"
L: Yeah!
K & M or K & me (looking at each other with sudden comprehension): "Vernon-i-ca!"

And... back to the top. Take 5!

We must have played this out7-10 times over the course of the 3-day weekend. And if you think that doesn't sound like often, feel free to come over and take Carol's part.

would love to have someone to share the shock of realizing that "Vernonica" has both forged Phil's signature AND torn off the bottom half of his original note to Stevie.

And here's a link to the synopsis, in case for some crazy reason, you don't recall exactly what the episode is about! And you can't quite figure it out from the above obvious retelling.

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