Saturday, February 27, 2010

family: ... if they say that it's so...

L, stretching in her black pants leggings
(image from K's camera, though I may have taken it)

excerpts from a conversation with L:

L: Daddy, what color your pants?
me: Blue. They're jeans.
L: They jeans?
me: Yep.
L: What color my pants?
me: What color are they? You know.
L: Geen.
me: No. Not green. Black.
L (looking down at her legs and then correcting me): They leggings.
me: Right, they're leggings.
L: What color my leggings?
me: Black. Your leggings are black.

Sadly, because I'm partly color blind, I can't always tell what the correct color is. And that means I can't tell if she's mis-learning her colors because of me, or is just jerking my chain. I suspect the latter. In fact, I'm nearly certain of it.

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