Wednesday, February 10, 2010

family: ... I've been cwyin' in my sleep...

Monday's pickup from Miss Ronda's went something like this:

me (opening the door, which rings a quiet wind chime type bell): hello?

(the room is empty, but I can hear activity around the corner, where the kids have snacks after nap. And speaking of nap, there are a couple of mats and blankets still on the floor, so I know naps haven't been long finished.)

L (crawling toward me from around the corner and sobbing): daddydaddydaddy
me: Hey L.
L (sobbing, but now at my feet): uppyuppyupupup
Miss Ronda: Oh, L. You're going to make your daddy think you don't like coming here.
me: She's like this everywhere.
L (burying her wet face in my chest and wrapping her fat little arms around my neck): Go home!
me: Thanks Ronda!
MR: Of course. We had a nice day. Just 3 girls today. Bye L.
me: Can you say thank you to Miss Ronda?
L (still holding tight): (shakes her head)
me (embarrassed): Thanks.
MR: Of course. Don't forget to tell your daddy about the garbage trucks.
me: You saw garbage trucks?
L (tightening her grip on my neck): (silence)
me: She loves seeing them.
MR: I know.

Ah, L, our hugger. By the time we were out to the car and pacifier was inserted in her mouth, she had calmed down. By the time we were nearing home, she was telling me about seeing 4(!) garbage thrucks on a walk with Miss Ronda.

In L's defense, she's apparently got a cold so hasn't been feeling her best, but this is her M.O. Unlike K who would go to anyone at any time with a smile, L has been a "clinger" all her life.

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