Tuesday, December 7, 2010

definitions: overalls / vegetarian

after a pause to catch our breath, it's another double-definition tuesday:

overalls - noun: an ellipse, egg-shaped

K: Daddy, want to see my drawings from school?
me: Sure.
K (spreading out multiple pages of swirling lines): Here. And here. And here....
me: Wow. I like this one, it looks like a football.
K: What?
L: I want to thee it!
me (helping L up onto the window seat): This one, it looks like a football to me.
K: What?
me: A football. You know, like a long, stretched out circle.
L: You mean like a overalls?
me: ???
K: What?
me: 'Overalls?'
L (nodding enthusiastically): Yeah. Overalls!
me (dawn breaking): You mean ovals?
L (still nodding with abandon): Yeah Dada. Yeah.
me (muttering): Overalls....

vegetarian - noun: an animal doctor

K (playing with her horses in the kitchen): Mommy, I need you to be the ve... ve... vegetarian.
M: You mean the veterinarian?
K: You need to be the doctor.
a bit later, I walk into the kitchen.
M (sitting at the table with the newspaper): We're the vegetarians.
me: ???
M: The doctors for the horses. Have you seen the scratches on Comanche's legs? They're from raccoons.
me: Oh, oh, yeah, I know. Ginger has the same things on her legs. I told K that we need to put salve on them and wrap them and that she can't be ridden for 2 days.
K (pleased to have companions in her game): Yeah.
M: Oh, wow. I'm a lot stricter. I said a week.
me: A week? You must be, like, one of those vegan vegetarians.
K: ???
M: Yeah. (goes back to the paper)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh---I really needed the laughs I got from this today! Thanks so much. Kim

MOV said...

very cute. reminds me of my first-grader explaining English basics to me: "Mommy, there are valves and continents, and the letter 'Y' is actually both."