Thursday, December 9, 2010

photo thursday: ... come on and safari with me...

it's photo thursday,

wherein I get to post any damn random picture I want and then maybe try to tie it into themes from earlier in the week. Luckily, I've been horrible about posting lately, so there's nothing to tie into, and that means I can post this picture, one of my favorite of Hookipa, near Mom's house.

November surf (2004)

I took this as my older sister and I were driving up to the house of some friends in Haiku. We stopped at the overlook and I snapped a few photos. The artfully grainy look is unintentional, a result of my having run out of film and needing to borrow a couple of rolls from Mom. Mom had a couple of rolls, but they were at least 3 years expired, so every one of the pictures had unexpected effects. Which I sort of like. Neat trick, that thing about saving film until it's waaaaaay too old to use. And then using it. Thanks Mom!

This was during a trip I took for Thanksgiving, 2004. I met my sister and her family on Maui and we all stayed at Mom's house. It was a lot of fun for all of us*, and I think back to that trip regularly, with happiness.

Since then we've had K, and then L, and then somehow life has come rushing in on us like an incoming tide, and we manage to get up and make breakfast and get dressed and do whatever it is we need to do during the day, only to then make dinner and get undressed and crawl into bed. And then put L back into her big-girl bed. And put her back again. And again....

(* M was in NYC with her own mother, doing things like watching the Macy's Parade live, something that would likely never appear on my "life list," but I'm happy for them.)

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