Wednesday, December 29, 2010

family: ...I want you...

... (to listen to me) so bad, babe...

One of the great things about being a parent (besides watching yourself turn into YOUR parents) is having the opportunity to teach your kids. As in, trying to convince them to do/not do something you want them to do/not do. As in, good luck!

Our "teachable moments" tend to go like this:

K (wailing about something, most likely a wardrobe issue): I can't! I won't! I'll never....
me: K, what's wrong. If you tell me, I can help you. But you need to calm down.
K (stomping her foot): No! I don't want to see you!!
me (figuring I'll wait her out, I go to lie down with a book): Ok. Tell me when you want help and I can help you.
K (stomping her feet and slamming drawers): Aaaaarrrrgh!!!!! (really crying now)
me (turning page of book): K, do you want help?
K: No! Leave me alone!!
me (turning page of book): Ok.

So K, if you're reading this in, say, 20 years, what I was hoping was that you would just pause, take a moment to breath, and together we could have figured a way around the problem. Instead, you probably went to school in your underwear. (Not really!)

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