Monday, December 27, 2010

family: ... mister postman, look and see...

another in the "conversations had while too tired to talk" series:

The girls are playing horses and want me to play too. I'm initially the veterinarian, but suddenly am shifted to playing Max.

me: The vet can't come right now.
K: Why not?
L: Yeah, why not Daddy?
me (scrambling for a valid reason): Uh… because… because she's delivering a baby horse! (brilliant!)
K (big smile): Really?
L: Really?
me: Yup.
K: Daddy… I mean Max?
me: Yeah?
K: Where is she sending it?
me: What?
K: Where is she sending the baby horse?
me ("sending?"… delivering? ah): Um, it's… over at the ... other ranch.
K: Where?
me (motioning out the window): Over at the other ranch.
K: When is she going to be sending it over here?
me: In about 2 hours.

K: Daddy, is she sending it in a box?
me: What?
K: The baby horse. Is it delivered in a box?
L: Is it in a box Daddy?
me: Uh, no.
K: In what then?
me: Hmm… in a trailer?
K: Oh. Daddy?
me: Yeah.
K: What were we delivered in? A box?
me: No,no.
K: What then?
L: Yeah Daddy, what then?
me: In… tiny bassinets.
ps, happy birthday grampa biddle!

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