Wednesday, December 22, 2010

family: ... you give her fever...

(It's the giving season, so L has given K her fever, and both the girls are giving us sleepless nights. But even in the midst of this, holiday miracles do occur.)

The scene: after a long night of 102+ fevers, changing barf-covered sheets, and generally being woken up every 30 minutes or so, the family is lounging on the living room couch, uncertain just how 7a came to be so early.

K (snuggled on her mama's lap): L, I want to tell you someping.
L (snuggled on my lap): I slepted in my bed all night long.
me: Yes you did.
M: Nice job L!
K: L, I want to tell you someping!
L: I did a good job in my own bed!
K: L! Mommy, I want to tell her someping!
M: Hey L, K wants to tell you something.
L: What?
K: Well, last night I spit up.
L: What?
K: I spit up.
M: Yes you did.
me: And you slept through it L.
L: I slepted through it?
me: Yes! That was good.And amazing.
K: Mommy, you know why I spit up?
M: Why K?
K: Because I was sick.
M: Yeah, that's probably right.
me: K, I don't mind getting up with you when you're sick, or need to go to the bathroom, but getting up every 30 minutes to go to the bathroom or get you your water is... hard. It wears me down. I can't get any rest. And I might get sick too.
K: But I needed to.
me: I know, but your water is right there, and most of those times you hardly went to the bathroom at all. You need to switch to a pullup.
K: No!
M: K, you're going to need to start getting your own water. It's right there on the bookshelf, and then you won't have to
wake up your daddy all the time.
K: But I can't!
M: Yes you can K. You're old enough to get yourself water. And L, you are too.
L (sitting up): No! I'm free!

(here's the magical part, though you could miss it if you blinked, or were napping - in spite of being 90% exhausted and 100% grumpy, I'm smiling now, and so is M, and when we make eye contact we can barely suppress laughs)

me: Yes, you're three.
M: Also.

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