Monday, November 29, 2010

family: ... she's got a ticket to ride...

... and she don't care!

L, in my "cowboy hat"
(daddy, ith thith your cowboy hat? / not exactly L / But ith it Dada? / sure, yeah, it is)

Overheard from the kitchen:

L: Mama, where are you going?
M: I'm going shopping.
L: You going shopping?
M: Yes.
L: To the store?
M: Yes. Shopping at the store.
L: Mama, can I go to the store with you?
M: I'll take one of you.
K: I want to go!
L: I want to go!!
M: I'm not going to take both of you. I'll take one of you. Last time we went to the store you two ran all over the store.
L: We won't!
K: We won't.
L: I promith Mama! We won't run all over the store!!
M: Why do I have trouble believing you?
L: We won't. I promith! … We'll gallop!

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