Sunday, November 14, 2010

family: ... one way or another ...

The horrors of Halloween continue to haunt us a full week after the event. Trick or treating itself went fairly well. The weather was good, the neighbors friendly. The girls were happy with their bags of candy.

The trouble started the following night, when each girl got to pick one candy to have as dessert. L quickly picked something... maybe chocolate, I'm not sure. It's been driven from my memory by... K's decision making.

She took (literally) 20+ minutes to choose a candy from her bag. She agonized, considered, lined options up and touched each one. M got fed up and took L off to bathe and into jammies. I remained by my firstborn's side, determined to see this challenge through with her.

She wanted to know how many M&Ms were in the packet. How many Skittles. How much candy was in the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. I laid the various candies out, ordered by relative amount (net weight). I offered opinions, made suggestions, started to get short tempered. I considered banning chocolate from the house until K's wedding day, and knew I would have to explain to her husband-to-be that she had this character flaw... the wedding would be called off, the guests sent home, the flower arrangements given to neighbors....

She finally decided (Skittles) but it was agony, and she wasn't happy about the decision until she had that sweet fruity goodness in her mouth.

By this time, L was upstairs being read to. I had to run a second bath for K, and we didn't linger in it either.

All of which is a preamble to this:

On Friday night, the first night M was away the weekend before the last one, the night immediately following the day during which I had to work from home with K next to me because she refused to go to school, I let the girls have dessert.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... well, I'm sure y'all have the same saying in wherever the hell it is you're from! The point being, I said "yes" to candy, knowing full-freakin'-well that this meant a good chance of 20-50 minutes of indecision on K's part.

Somehow I dodged a bullet and took just a small b-b.

L chose something right away, but then saw K fretting over the options and decided to fret as well. She's nothing if not amenable to participating.

Luckily, they both had Skittles in their bags, and K got to talking about how good Skittles are, and L thought maybe she would think Skittles are good too, so in the end (about 5 minutes of discussion), they made a collective decision:

The Comfort of Company
(K and L both opt for Skittles)

Not only is there the choosing, but there's the continual counting of pieces during the eating. At least that's the case for K. L tends to eat candy the way her grandfather ate popcorn, using the grab and stuff technique. (Apparently. I never did see M's dad eat popcorn, but she tells me L is the spitting image of him doing so.)

Counting the remaining pieces
Align Center(it's worth noting that K has always
been good at math. Small comfort...)

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Becca said...

I'm scared at how alike K and I are. :)