Monday, November 1, 2010

family: ... have you got everything?

it's another monochrome monday:

My Commute
(Or, "What I'd look like if I wore nice pants and had a classy overcoat and wasn't sitting in the back of the boat taking pictures of people who aren't me.")

And now, in honor of the non-monochromatic weather we had this weekend, including yesterday (and in defiance of this morning's weather), a bit of Friday commute color:

Afternoon Cityscape
(Or, "What my commute did look like on Friday afternoon." )

A gift of Friday multi-chrome in late October in Seattle! And one more, because this morning the puddles are 2 inches deep out there....

Westward ho!
(photography rule: never point your camera into the sun)
(general rule: never never obey rules blindly)

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