Thursday, October 21, 2010

photo thursday: ... reflections of...

... the dirt on the window...

It's photo thursday, today featuring another shot from the occasional series, The View From 3 Feet:

On the Job
(on the deck)

This is a picture of most of my torso, grilling on the back deck.

Photo likely by K who is clearly in her "blue period," though it's possible that L took the picture on the sly, using K's cambra.

Even less likely, M snuck away from whatever it was she was supposed to be doing (making the entire rest of dinner while I focus on turning a few burgers or chicken breasts) to snap an impressionistic shot of her husband actually helping with the meal.* I'm guessing she cut off my head to preserve my anonymity. And for this, I thank her!

* This is an example of what M calls me being in "writer mode," during which I spin out of control imagining why people are doing the things they are doing.... I call it research.

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