Friday, October 22, 2010

family: ... I want candy!

it's another food-stuffs friday

- giving you something to chew on since oct. 2010 -

Earring and finger
(not the finger in question!)

Excerpt from a dinner conversation on Sunday:

M: Will you share your Halloween candy with me?
K: No!
L: Thure Mama.
M: Oh good. Thank you L. I'll take you to a few extra houses to make sure you get a full bag.
K: I want to go to some extra houses too!
M: Well, she said she would share with me.
K: Oh, all right.
M: Good. If you get a Butterfinger, will you share it with me?
me: You like Butterfingers?
L (excitedly holding out a suspiciously damp finger): I have a bugger finger! Here!!
me: (collapsing in laughter)
M: Eeeww. No L. A Butterfinger.
L: A bugger finger?
M: No. It's a candybar. Butterfinger.
L (starting to laugh with me, and still holding out her finger): But I have a bugger finger!

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