Tuesday, October 19, 2010

definitions: capon / unsew

it's double-definition tuesday!

Not quite awake
(From the series "The View from 3 feet"
photo by K)

capon - noun, a nut commonly grown in and associated with the United States south and featured in a southern pie.

M (picking out a bag of nuts at Costco): Here we go.
L: That nuts Mama?
M: Yup, they're pecans. Your grandmama would make us a wonderful pie out of them.
L (thinking for a bit): Mama, can I have a capon?
M: Not now. Not until we get to the car.

unsew - verb, to remove a thread or string from something (see also, unmail)

M: Why don't you play with the sewing game?
L: I can do the horse?
M: Yeah.
L: K said I can't do the horse one but I can do it because she's at school and I can do it because I can.
M: Right, she's at school. You can do it. (pulls out the heavy cardboard, horse-shaped sewing game piece with a colored string already threaded through the holes around the edges) Do you want me to take the string out?
L: No, I can do it! (works briefly at pulling the string out of the holes) I can't do it! (lower lip protruding) Mama, can you unsew it?
M: I'll do it L.
L: Thanks.

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