Tuesday, October 26, 2010

definitions: gentiful / goth

it's another double-definition tuesday!

gentiful - adjective - requiring great care when handling

K (holding out a plastic daisy ring she got at the school carnival on the final day of spirit week): Look Daddy! Isn't it pretty?
me (overjoyed to be done with spirit week for at least another 357 days): Beautiful!
L: Look at mine Dada!
me: Oh yeah. You have one too.
L: Mine is green and K's is purple but mine is green because it's green and K's is purple.
me: Right.
K: Do you want to hold it?
me: Sure.
K: Be careful. It's gentiful.

goth - interjection - an expression of surprise or enthusiasm

K (looking at the leaves blowing in the yard): Oh my god!
me: K, what did you just say?
K: Daddy, look at the leaves blowing!!
(do I just ignore it?): Yeah, they're blowing alright. It's windy out there. It's fall. What did you say?
K: It's fall out there.
L: Yeah, itth fall K!
K: I know, L.
me: K, you shouldn't say 'Oh my god.'
K: Why?
me: Because it might offend some people.
L: It might end some people, Dada?
me: I suppose that too.
K: I know. But it ok to say 'Oh my gosh."
me: Sure, yeah, it's ok.
L (pressing her nose against the window glass): Oh my goth!
me: Uh....
K: Daddy, can we watch a Saddle Club?
Yeah, can we watch a Thaddle club Dada?
me: Sure, yeah.
me (to M, after taking the girls downstairs to start the DVD): Oh. My. Goth!
(busy cleaning the kitchen): ???

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