Tuesday, October 5, 2010

definitions: overfulled / grisbee

overfulled - intransitive verb, to become full to overflowing


M: Good morning!
K: Mmmhph.
L: Mama!
M: How was your sleep?
K: What?
M: How was your sleep last night?
K: What?
M: How are you?
K: Good.
L: What?
K: It supposed to be nice today?
M: I don't know. It's not very nice right now, is it?
K (looking out the kitchen window): No....
L: Mama! Look!!
M: What L?
L: The water table!!! It overfulled!
M (looking out at the full-to-overflowing water table on the back deck): Wow. It sure is.
L: K! K! Look at the water table!! It overfulled by the rain!!!
K: No!

grisbee - noun: plastic disc sometimes used for throwing, but more often used for hiding


M: Could you call the girls? And send Matthew and Natalie home?
me (going out to the back yard): Hey guys, it's dinner time. Natalie, Matthew, you need to head home now.
K: We're still playing Daddy.
me: Dinner's ready. You can play some more another day.
(eventually the girls come inside and we get them ready for dinner)
What were you playing out there?
L (obviously not remembering): Um...
K: Hiding and finding.
Yeah, hiding and finding.
Really? Hiding what?
K: The grisbee.
me: Grisbee?
K: That what it's called.
Yeah, that what ith called!!
me: frisbee?
No! Grisbee!
M (exchanging a look with me): The 'grisbee?'
M: Yeah Mama.
Yeah Mama. Yeah!

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