Monday, October 18, 2010

family: ... all you gotta do is tell me why why why...

... welcome to the working week! it's another edition of monochrome-monday!

Another "earring shoot" outtake

Like her sister, L seems to have suddenly grown up*. Before I'm ready.

Granted, she is still only just approaching her third birthday, but still, have a look at this picture! It seems highly unlikely that this girl is our baby, the one who still crawls into bed with us on one out of .... three(?) nights. She's out of diapers (mostly) now, and able to dress herself (mostly), and has many very strong opinions (always) and keeps M and me and her sister all laughing when we aren't pulling our hair out (M and me) or pulling her hair out (K).

She knows how to climb into her crib, but hasn't figured out that climbing out is way, way easier! (Don't tell her!) And she long ago figured out the value of humor, turning to laughs as often as tantrums in her attempts to get things. (Tantrums are gaining, but there are still many attempts to get us to smile with her ridiculousness.) So far, so good....

* - Well, kind of. She strikes me like a girl who's never going to really "grow up." And I mean that in the best possible way. Also, she's not really grown up. But she's not a baby any longer, and not even a toddler.

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