Saturday, December 5, 2009

... you're playing with fire

We're having a small (family-only) celebration for L this morning. 2 days after her birthday. And here's the thing: we didn't even mention on the 3rd that it was her birthday. How parental is that?

Thursday wasn't a day we could get family together, we were working and K&L had swimming lessons and we didn't want to do 2 celebrations, so we just quietly moved official recognition to Saturday. How parental is that?

Imagine the reaction of a 6yo: YOU CAN'T DO THAT!

But, hey, we're parents, and the realities of the world are our realities.

One bonus of this approach -- M and I talked more than once on Thursday, sharing memories of the day 2 years previous, when we left K home with her aunt and focused on the immediate task at hand. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, and and at the end of the day, there she was, L, our number 2.

Who knew she'd be so different from her sister? Who knew how she'd worm her way into our lives (and, frequently, into our bed)?

So, parental or not, M and I got to celebrate L's 2nd birthday twice, once on the 3rd, and now on the 5th. And neither L nor K has any idea how manipulative we've been. We may as well take advantage while the advantage is there for the taking. It can't be long now before they're the ones taking advantage of us....


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to L! Brilliantly played, btw, we often delayed birthdays when we were growing up, but there was always the 'happy birthdays' on the day of, but altering the space/time continuum to suite your needs excellent. :)

While I know it's not really the same, I, too, have shaken my head plenty realizing how different Gus and Llelo are personality-wise. They are half brothers, but different as night and day. Gus loves me and tolerates everyone else (because I make him) and Llelo loves me and loves everyone else. Accept and embrace their differences and shake your head and chuckle, too.


Wendell McTravelNerd said...

This sweet post was the perfect accompaniment to my afternoon cheeto snack time.