Monday, December 21, 2009

a horse is a horse...

To this point, the only real force to be reckoned with for K has been "the parents."

For example, if she wants to watch some Curious George ("CuddyGorge"), the main issue is whether or not she'll get the thumbs up from us. Even choosing an episode has been relatively painless because L has mostly been willing to go along with whatever her sister chooses:

K: Daddy, K want to watch Cuddy Gorge.
L: Watch Cuddy Gorge!
me (anticipating a 20 minute period of free time): Ok.
K: I want to choose!
me: You need to decide together. It's an opportunity to learn to compromise.
K: Want to watch "Muddy Monkey."
me (pointing to "Muddy Monkey"): L, is this one ok?
L (bouncing up and down on the futon couch): Yeah!

But lately some cracks have begun appearing in K's world as L develops her own tastes and preferences, and my suspicion is that she'll become less and less willing to acquiesce.

K is getting some Saddle Club videos for Christmas (we haven't been able to get PBS since the digital switch). If L decides she doesn't like horses, or doesn't want to watch cryptic Australian horse club videos, it's going to get interesting in the basement....

I blame Santa!

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