Tuesday, December 22, 2009

double-definition tuesday: glubs / toe polish

more from the mouth of babe (L):

glubs - noun: clothing worn over your hands to keep them warm.

L: I need my glubs.
me: Your mittens?
L (holding up mittens): No! My glubs!
me: Glubs?
L: No! My GLUBS!
me: Your gloves?
L: Yeah. Need my glubs.
me: Why?
L: I need to go outside.
me: It's about 10 degrees out there. And you don't have any pants on.
me (helping her on with her mittens): Here are your glubs.
L: No, my glubs.

toe polith - noun: colored cosmetic lacquer applied to finger/toenails

L (as her freshly touched up fingernail polish washes off in the tub): Oh no! My toe polith!
me: We can put more one. Your mama can fix that.
L: No! No! No!
(total meltdown, ending in scooping her up out of the tub and into a big towel and up to get into jammies)

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