Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the mangos are sweet...

Another photo thursday wednesday, this one from the past:

Lahaina harbor sunset, w/ surfer and VW bug

I spent a fair amount of time in Lahaina, back when I was taking time off from college. I worked in a shop there and regularly took my camera with me on walks around town during my "lunch" which was really dinner.

This particular picture though, was taken on a photo-roadtrip with my mom, during Hurricane Fico. It's misleading how calm things look. I've got other pictures from Maalaea and Launiupoko Park that show more Hurricane-y wave action. Here though, the Lahaina Roadstead is protected from the south by Lana'i. Which makes sense given the history of the place -- it was the capital for some time, in part because of its protected waters and nice coast. It was also where the whalers could anchor safely. But I digress....

How cool is it that Mom was willing to drive around the island with me, hanging out while I took pictures of waves (mostly)? Mom was frequently cool like this, willing to adventure with me. I think it helped that the things I wanted to do (go look at the water, explore Hawaiian petroglyphs, go up to the top of Haleakala just for the hell of it) were things she wanted to do as well. If it'd been shopping she would not have been interested.

Unrelated info tidbit: Mom told me that when she and Dad were young marrieds, my Grandpa Van, the entomologist, would come over from Oahu and just for fun go walking in Puu Niauniau to look for bugs. A bugsman's holiday, if you will. With Dad working at HC&S, Mom was free to join Grandpa. And she says she loved those days of wandering with him up on the slopes of Haleakala, exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

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