Monday, December 7, 2009

i just want to hear girls talk...

There's something strange and wonderful about the sisterly relationship that's evolving between K&L. K is the eldest, and that automatically establishes her as the incumbent, but L is quickly learning to "tweak" her sister. L obviously loves and looks up to her sister, but she's starting to stand up and insist on her own point of view. And she frequently takes the initiative. But K is still the "big sister," so L has to find creative and non-physical ways to establish herself.

A recent conversation, as described by M

is on an antibiotic for her ear infection. K is fascinated by it and likes to "help" administer the doses by pushing in the plunger of the syringe to squirt the medicine into L's mouth. I suspect she's jealous of the special treatment L seems to be getting.

L: I take biotic medthin.
K: It's antibiotic.
L: (perhaps recognizing that there's no arguing with her sister on pronounciation) Ith my medthin.
K: But it's antibiotic.
L: Ith my medthin.

Discussion over.

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