Tuesday, December 15, 2009

double-definition tuesday: cared and cratchy

cared - adjective: to frighten

L: Do that!
me: What?
L: That thing! Do that!
me: (hiding to jump out at her) Ok.
L: (running past me as I jump) AAAAHH! You cared me! (loud giggles)
me: I cared you?
L: No, you cared me!
me: I scared you?
L: Yeah, you cared me!. (running back into the living room) Do that!

catchy - adjective: bristly or rough

L: Dada, you cratchy.
me: No I'm not, I shaved today.
L: You cratchy?
me: Nope. Feel.
L: (feeling my cheek) You not cratchy!

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