Sunday, December 6, 2009

it's my party....

Birthday stats:

number of balloons: 12
number of balloons popped: 3
number of balloon given away: 1
number of cupcakes: ~12
number of cupcakes remaining: 0
number of family guests: 2
number of neighborhood guests: 3

Birthday girl and big sister, acting all growed up:

Things went well, presents were opened, cupcakes eaten (or the frosting licked off). We got to visit with friends and family and L is now officially 2 (as opposed to the 2 day 'gray zone' during which she was still 1 to everyone but her parents and the IRS).

We've had some interesting reactions to the news that we didn't bother mentioning to either her or K that Thursday was L's actual birthday, everything from 'why didn't *I* think of that when my kids were younger?' to 'you CAN'T do that!' But we can and we did, and I'm pretty sure no one was damaged or cheated by it. If they were, I can always plead ignorance. This is the very first 2nd birthday of a 2nd child I've ever been responsible for. How was I to know?

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