Wednesday, September 5, 2012

school's.... in for winter!

and someone is a first grader while someone else is starting her 2nd year as a preschooler:

 sisters, ready to go

three beautiful women
(2 dressed for the first day of school, 
1 dressed for 3 action-packed days of an event)

It was a busy morning, what with everyone needing to get off to school and work and all, but we managed to get everyone out the door with a minimum of tears and changes of clothes (and breakfast - the egg whites I got up to make them "tasted funny," which meant that K only had a couple of helpings of them (she didn't notice the funny taste until L said hers tasted funny and had "black spots") and L only had one piece of cinnamon toast - great starts to the morning!), and now I've got the house to myself while K is in her first day as a first grader and L is starting her second year as a preschooler and M is diving head-first into a 3-day event for which she's got way too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Which means it'll all go fine and they'll love her. But it also means that I'm working from home to do drop-off and pick-up these next 3 days.

To compound matters, we had new lunchboxes, supplies to deliver, one new teacher, a new playground, and somebody (somebody!) had the bright idea of including some "letter" cookies in each lunch. I quickly found 4 for K's name, but couldn't find enough "l" cookies for L's name, so I had to fall back on doing her initials. We'll see if either of them even notice.

Drop-off went fine, though L was a bit clingy on the playground since her big sister wasn't there to play with her. K was already in her class, learning what it means to be a 1st grader and one of the "little" kids in a 3-grade classroom.

I'm sure everything will be fine.

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