Tuesday, September 4, 2012

definitions: marhonica / cheese cream

if it's tuesday in seattle, what time is it in casablanca? or, there might be a definition around here somewhere....

marhonica - noun, a musical instrument you play with your mouth. See also Bob Dylan. Or better yet, Sonny Boy Williamson.

(I'm working out in the studio when I hear the thundering sounds of 2 running girls, and the door bursts open.)

K&L: Daddy, Daddy!!
me: Hey monkeys.
K&L: Daddy!!! Can we play out here with you!?!
me: Sure.
K (holding a box with guitar picks, capos and harmonicas): What's this Daddy?
L (reaching into the box her sister has found): Yeah, what's this Daddy?!?
me: Those are my harmonicas.
K: Can we play them?
L: Yeah, can we play them?!?
me: Sure....

And so the girls blow a bit and suck a bit, and tire of making music. The real reason to come out to the studio is to sit in my desk chair and spin.

L: Daddy?
me: Yeah L?
L: Can we spin in your chair? I don't want this marhonica.
me (getting up and taking the it from her): Ok, sure.

cheese cream - noun, a spread for bagels which you then don't want to eat.

(I'm running late, hurrying to get out the door in time to catch the first water taxi, when M and L come down into the kitchen.)

M: Here's our early riser.
L: Hi Daddy.
me: Monkey! What are you doing up so early?
L: I wanted to come down stay-ers.
M: What do you want to eat L?
L: I don't know!
me: How about a bagel?
L: Yeah, a bagel.
M (getting it out of the freezer): Do you want some peanut butter on it?
L: What else can I have?
me: Butter....
L: Which is better? Butter or ....
me: Peanut butter? Peanut butter has protein.
L (seeing me spread cream cheese on my own lunch bagel): Or cheese cream?
me: Right.
L: Which is better? Butter or cheese cream or peanut butter?
M: Peanut butter is probably better for you.
L: Hmm... I want cheese cream.
me (packing up and heading out): Cheese cream is good too. I love you! Tell your sister I said goodbye!!
L: By Daddy!!!
K&L: Daddy, Daddy!!
me: Hey monkeys.

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