Wednesday, September 12, 2012

... i know what i know....

... or, just one more summer camp field trip example of how not knowing the answer can impact excitement...

I came home from work one evening last month and the girls ran up to me, full of excitement.

K:  Guess what we saw?!? RAINbow sails on sailboats. They were on Lake Union!!
L:  Yeah, rainbow sails!!!
me: Really? How was it?
K: It was crowded.
L: Yeah, it was crowded!!
me: Where did you see this?
K (still full of the excitement of rainbow sails): From the Space Needle!
L (as if it should be obvious): Yeah, the Space Needle!!
me: Wait, you went up the Space Needle?
K&L (nodding): Yeah.
me: That's cool.
K: Yeah, we stopped at ... some house... to eat and change into bathing suits to play in the wading pool
M: At the Center House?
K: Yeah!
me: What wading pool did you go to?
K: Uh (looking confused, backed into a corner)... I don't know!
me: That's OK. I was just curious.
K: (grumpy look due to not being able to answer my question)

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