Sunday, September 30, 2012

... do do do, looking out my...

... side window.

It's another Twisted Sister Sunday, this the "can you see what I see?" edition:

K pointing something important out to L
(water taxi ride)

I don't know what they share during moments like this...

but it's something they do spontaneously, 
and I never get tired of watching them like this

Two weeks ago M dropped the girls off at work so I could take them home while she went on to an event meeting in the evening. That's the way our days sometimes go. And I love to ride home with the girls on the water taxi.

Often they sit and eat candy I bring from the work candy jar. This time, after they'd eaten their candy, they went to look out the window. And I snapped pictures.

Later, on the Seacrest side, we hung out on the beach for over an hour while watching two women and 6 children (some K's age) going out for a paddle board ride. K and L were fascinated but K especially so, and when she asked me if we might be able to do that sometime, I decided I'd pay for her college education!

She asked, as they were coming back to the beach, if I thought anyone had fallen in. I told her that unless they had, they weren't really trying. Right then one of the little boys did fall in, and he scrambled right back out. I launched into some parentally-typical lecture about how the only way you learn is by pushing the limits. K was distracted by the sight of the group coming in, and luckily didn't pay me too much mind.

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