Friday, July 9, 2010

family: ... oil vey!

We're heading south, to Birmingham AL and then to Sea Grove FL, where we'll bask in the warmth of familial proximity and wallow in the warmth of the oily waters of the Gulf Coast.

This is our semi-annual Foust Family Reunion, and this year we're celebrating by going to spend some quality time with BP oil. (The trip has been planned for months.)

There will be cousins, lots to eat, air conditioning, a pool, not quite enough room for our family and M's brother's and sister's family (2 kids each, making for 6 adults and 6 cousins, plus M's mother), and did I mention the oil?

This is a perfect time to mention again that Margo Pellegrino is currently paddling south along the West Coast, heading to San Diego from Seattle. In a one-person outrigger canoe. She's already paddled the east coast (Miami to Maine) and the Gulf coast, and does this to raise awareness of the state of our oceans, and to encourage people to get involved. Especially people who use the ocean for work or play. People like paddlers, surfers, fishermen, sailors, vacationing families, etc.

In any case, besides wanting to mention Margo and her trip, I'm giving notice that posts will be sparse between now and... when we return. There may be some, as time, technology and sanity permit, but it's not going to be the typical word storm you've grown used to.

On the bright side, there may be some photos coming out of this next week. Picture small children shiny with crude oil, looking out at the horizon over gelatinous swells.... something like that.

Until then, here are a couple to keep your interest:

Joy of Dreamthickle!

Already looking like a Teenager
(at 4!)

Happy July!

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Jocelyn said...

I'm in such withdrawal! I still keep checking every night... just in case... Hope y'all are having a great time (despite the oil).