Wednesday, July 7, 2010

family:... here comes the sun king...

Holy Waterwings, Batman! It looks like it may possibly finally be summer!!

Misleading Calm
(in stove-warmed water)

And only just in time, given that we're heading out to the "triple digit" temperatures of the deep south. And the oil. The oil of the south. And I don't mean cooking oil.

But enough complaining. Here are a few photos from the 5th of July, which, predictably, turned sunny. Predictable because this is what it always does around here. It rains on the 4th. And then it gets nicer. Summer starts. Which is just as well given that, for a decent neighborhood, we've got what feels like a high level of idiocy* marked by people who think blowing up things is a nice way to celebrate. Especially when mixed with alcohol. And small kids. So, rain = less chance of fire = me not stressing quite as much as usual.

But enough complaining!

I present a couple of bathing beauties who were sooooo ready for nice weather. And sooooo ready to wear their new swimsuits (purchased for our upcoming trip to the Gulf shore where we'll find out how well Shout! manages crude oil stains on white swimsuits**):


Kicking Practice

L, in her new "thrawbewy" swimsuit
(rubba slippa too!)

* To give you some idea of the levels of neighborhood idiocy we're talking, last year either at New Years or on the 4th, we heard something hit our roof (after we were in bed). In the morning I found a bullet that had bounced down onto the ground. And we're in a "nicer" neighborhood.

** But enough complaining!

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