Tuesday, October 6, 2009

lenny bruce is not afraid....

It's like a drug come on, but legal. At least legal in so much as it's exactly the same way that dealers get you hooked on crack. And that's just good old American business entrepreneurship, right? Or, it's the end of the world as we know it.

Background: my sister is selling her minivan. Maybe to us. That is, we're considering buying it. Which may, in and of itself suggest that we're on drugs. But we're not. We just have kids!

Disclaimer: It's not what we are, this "minivan people." We're actually sexy, exciting, top-down*, sunglasses-wearing, fly-off-to-Sun Valley-after-work-on-Friday-afternoon type people... except that we don't do that and never have and now we have 2 small kids and the need for carpooling flexibility is increasing hourly.

Anyway, my sister did us the favor of loaning us the van for a week. Just to try it out. Like we'd use it for a week and decide we could do without it!

She basically gave us free crack for a week and NOW SHE WANTS US TO PAY FOR THE VAN! The nerve! (Did I mention that we're not really minivan people?)

The plan was, we'd use it for a week, have it looked at by an independent mechanic, and then figure out a way to pay for it. Except that "mechanic day" was Friday, which also happened to be the day after "K playing with keys" and putting them away in a place we couldn't find. So the mechanic wasn't visited on Friday. Nor was the school attended. Nor the grocery store shopped. Eventually the keys were found in K's backpack, but not until late that afternoon.

We found the keys and learned a small lesson and now we've got the crack van for another week and will probably buy it unless we can find a mechanic who'll make up some horrible thing that's wrong with it. (Did I mention that the girls love the van?)

* of the car! top of the car, people!!

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