Thursday, October 22, 2009

please sir, can i have s'mores?

Last week we went across the street to our neighbors' house for hotdogs, wine, and s'mores. This was our second annual s'mores-fest, and the first that really registered on L. She's inherited my sweet tooth, I fear, and really took to the marshmallows.

Our neighbors are our "West Seattle grandparents," filling in wonderfully for both M's and my moms (neither of our dads are living), providing some grandparently love to both girls. And both girls love them in return, independent of s'mores or even hotdogs. It's always fun to get together with the neighbors.

Next week, I hope to post some details about my own grandparents in a vague attempt to preserve the information in case K&L are interested down the road.

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