Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thomthing in the way ...

L has taken to announcing to us that she's got something to tell us. She picked this up from K, who frequently actually does have something to tell us when she interrupts with a "Tell you something!" L on the other hand, seems to be imitating her sister without understanding exactly what it is she's getting into.

L: "Tell you thomthing!" 3 second pause. "Tell you thomthing!!"
us: "What? What do you want to tell us?"
L: "Um...." long pause, seconds ticking toward minutes. "L fall off window seat." smile.
us: "Yeah, that was 3 weeks ago."
L: "L cwying."
us: "After you fell off the window seat?"
L: "Yeah."
us: "Yeah, but you're not crying now."
L: "No."

And it's on to other things.

A few nights ago though, L stuck out her pudgy finger and shouted, "Tell you thomthing funny!!"

us (looking at each other with amusement): "Yes? What L?"
L: "Um.... K poop in potty."
us: "Yes, she did. Isn't that great?"
L: "Yeah." smile
us: bursting into laughter at the ridiculousness of the entire exchange.

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