Sunday, September 27, 2009

I know I had it comin'...

We've been lucky with regard to music and the girls. I've intentionally steered them away from the more "traditional" kids tunes/singers and toward songs/artists I think I can stand to hear for 10-20 million times in a 3 week period.

So, we have a playlist that includes (among other things):
  • Bruce Springsteen (Froggy Went a Courtin')
  • Kate/Anna McGarrigle (The Swimming Song)
  • Johnny Cash (Busted, Jackson, John Henry, and of course Folsom Prison Blues)
  • The Beatles (Yellow Submarine, All Together Now, I Will)
  • Split Lip Rayfield (The Weasel, the Bean, the Frog and the Dog)
Inherent in this approach though are the "landmines" of more adult-appropriate content in these songs. For example, we tend to sing loudly and indeterminately over the "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die" line of Folsom Prison Blues. So far neither girl has asked about it (or about the strong cheering reaction it gets from the inmates in the live recording).

But this morning K noticed that Johnny says goes on to say that "I know I had it coming."

K: "Why 'had coming'?"
me (a teachable moment!): "He did something he wasn't supposed to do. Something he was told not to do."
K: "Why?"
me: "I don't know why. Why do you sometimes do things you shouldn't do?"
K: "K no know why. He get timeout?"
me: "Yes, he got a timeout."
M (in the background): "Loooong timeout."
K: "Hang my head and cry."
me: "That's right. Cry cry cry!"
L: "Hang head cwy cwy cwy."

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