Friday, September 18, 2009

black is the color...

Weds. morning L helped me dress.

And by "helped me dress" I mean that I asked her if she wanted to come into the closet with me and help me pick out a shirt, then pulled at one that I thought would be good and said "what about this one?" and she said "yeah!" Easy as that. She got to participate (which she loves) and I got to wear the shirt I was going to wear anyway.

I know better than to ask K for help, because unlike L, K has no shortage of opinions about clothes, and her's generally differs from my opinions. And she won't back down.

To put things into perspective: I'm red/green colorblind (mostly), and though I don't really believe L is, she sure hasn't bothered to learn her colors. When I ask what color something is, (and we're talking about a firetruck or a banana -- I'm not trying to stump her here), she'll take a stab at it:

me: "um, no, black. what color is this?"
L: "red!"
me: "um, no, green. What about this?"
L: "green!"
me: "um, nope, that's yellow. How about this?"
L: "firetruck!"
me: "nope, that's a banana. It's yellow... I think. K? Is this yellow?"
K: "yeah daddy, that yellow. That banana."
me (thinking: I know it's a banana!)

It's pretty obvious that she's just guessing.

on the other hand learned her colors quickly, by learning to ask for one of her (many) pacifiers by color. There were times when I wondered if maybe we could find a gold or black pacifier, just so she'd learn those colors too. I took all this for granted when it was happening, but now that I see L not getting her colors (and not particularly caring about it), I realize that maybe K was a bit advanced in that particular aspect.

When L asks about the color of something in a book ("What color? What name?"), I now turn to K for the answers. Just because I don't want to mislead her.

In any case, I'm pretty sure I wore a red shirt on Weds., and that my shorts were green, so other than looking like a Costco-Christmas-in-September advertisement, I was fairly well coordinated. I think.

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