Thursday, September 10, 2009

gettin' better all the time

So, in spite of all fears and trepidation, preschool ended up not being the END OF THE WORLD!!!

We only got bits and pieces out of K, but it seems she actually enjoyed herself and is looking forward to going back again.

Things I learned from K:
  • They have three (*3*) play kitchens, 1 big one and 2 small ones!! Who knew!?!
  • They have playdough and other stuff in the classroom!
  • They sit in a circle at the start of the day
  • They had cheese for their snack
    M: in sticks, or in cubes?
    K: cubes.
    P (thinking): Leading the witness!!
  • Katie helped her change her pants
  • There are a "couple" girls in her class
  • There are "some" boys in her class
Things I learned from M (who learned them from K):
  • K peed in her pants during the circle
  • This didn't seem to be a big deal, in the end
All in all, a reasonable first day of school!

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