Sunday, August 30, 2009

you lookin' at me?

A couple of days ago, as we sat in the car at a red light, K watched a woman walk past and said "That woman look pegnant."

For the record, she did not look pegnant. Or pregnant. She was young and trim and fashionably dressed in a knit dress and knee-high boots, probably heading to the office from her workout at the health club. Which leaves me wondering if perhaps K might have some hidden talent, somewhat like those drug-sniffing dogs. And more important, how can we take advantage of this talent to put M and me in a comfortable position for the rest of our lives pay for K's college?

M tried to explain to K that it isn't necessarily polite to say someone looks pregnant. The problem is that from K's point of view, looking pregnant is all good. She's obsessed with pregnancy. It doesn't help that friends just had twins, the neighbors behind us just had a girl, and two other friends are pregnant. K is at the stage where she regularly tells us that she's "pegnant" and that she's got 2 (or 3 or 5) babies in her tummy. So what's there not to like about looking pegnant?

I don't think she really got it, but at least we know to be on the lookout....

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