Friday, August 14, 2009

the (security) envelope? puleeeze!

Yesterday I voted in our upcoming election. This one is a mail-in-only election, so as much as I prefer going to the polls, I had to do it via an absentee ballot. I carefully worked my way through the voter's guide, made my random choices on Port of Seattle candidates (how else does one choose a port commissioner candidate?), picked a non-incumbent protest candidate instead of our mayor, flip-flopped about the county executive race, filled in the various bubbles, folded the ballot and put it into the envelope. I signed the signature line and licked the 2 (!) flap gum strips, then sealed it all up. It's quite a responsibility, this democracy stuff!

Only then did I discover I'd failed to put the ballot in the security envelope before I'd put it into the outside (insecurity?) envelope. Damn!

I went to the elections web site, hoping there were enough idiots like me who did this that there'd be an FAQ about what to do next. Nothing.

I called the "contact us" phone number, expecting the worst (on hold? busy?). A woman answered after 2 rings. Wow!

I explained what I'd done and she laughed and said, "That's ok. Just go ahead and mail it."

Whew! Problem avoided.

But after I hung up, I got to wondering. What the hell is that envelope for? If it's not required, why not make it an "optional security envelope?"

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