Sunday, August 2, 2009


  • Hearing L in VM screaming "HELLO! HELLO!" in the background, and then, when M finally gave her the phone, whispering "hello"
  • Talking to K and hearing her excitement at getting splashed by the sea lions at the zoo (she got to sit in the "splash zone" with her older cousin!)
  • Watching the fog lifting off a beach full of outrigger canoes
  • Getting out on the water. SALT water!
  • Eating kalua pork and butter mochi (not at the same time!)
  • The chance to get to know some of the other SOCC paddlers better
  • Teamwork and cooperation on the beach
  • Good local grinds (kalua pork! lomi salmon!! butter mochi!!!)
  • Not huli-ing
  • The chance to paddle
  • DaGrind 2009!
  • Hanging L's swing
  • Doing the laundry
  • Washing sippy cups
  • The Foreign Correspondent (Alan Furst)
  • Wilco (The Album)
  • Replacing the front steps

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