Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bed's (not) too big without you

This falls into the "should have mentioned this before" category:

Back in June (?) Lila managed to adjust quite easily (relatively easily?) to sleeping in her crib, and since then we've been a 3-bed family. Or a 2-bed, 1-crib family. Not counting 3 dog beds for 1 dog. And other than the dog beds, all the beds are getting regular use by their regular occupants.

There was a 2 week period during which this all seemed remarkable to me, but now I've adjusted and barely remember what it was like to have L in our bed each and every night. There's something frightening and rejuvenating about the human capacity to forgive and forget. Something that was so all-consuming is reduced to barely remembered history.

Or course, now I'm not sleeping well at all due to painful ribs, but at least I'm not keeping L up.

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