Wednesday, April 20, 2011

... colors in the sun...

It's spring break for K, which means lots of time for getting into trouble.

To illustrate, a snippet of phone conversation between M and me on Monday:

M: You should see your daughters.
me ("your daughters" - oh oh...): Why? What's up?
M: They're in the bathroom with the door closed, putting on "makeup."
me (hearing happy? squealing in the background): Makeup?
M: Marker.
me: Marker?!? On their faces?
M: Yup.
me: Uh... how does it look?
M: Pretty orange.
me: Permanent marker?
M: I think it's the washable marker.
me ("think?"): Hmm....ok....

Later that same day....
(by the next morning they just looked "self-tanned")

What I admire (and envy) is how M handled the situation. No freakout, no yelling. She sounded (relatively) calm the entire conversation. I mean, they've already marked themselves up, so why get worked up, right? And they're the ones who'll have to deal with the repercussions....

Another great lesson from M!

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