Sunday, May 1, 2011

... it's a new day...

... and I'm lots and lots behind. In the last week we've had a number of events worth mentioning. Like a birthday. And Easter. And 2 (two!!) sunny weekends (separated by rainy weeks, but still). But the thing most worth mentioning is the "loosing of the herds," which took place last Friday and which meant that, after a full week in "time out," the horses of the household were set free of their stalls and stables, to be played with again with a vengeance by little girls who had missed them.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. And rather than rush it tonight, I'll leave you with these photos of what happens in Seattle when it gets sunny and, more importantly, warm, after a long long winter:

K: Daddy, can I drink from the hose?
me: Uh, sure.

L: I want to dwink from the hoth!
M: Ok.

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