Thursday, April 7, 2011

... i read about it in a book...

a conversation from our dinner table:

K: What does 'companion" mean?
me: It's the people you have around you. The people and other animals you have with you.
K: With me?
me: Like your stuffed animals. They're your companions. They keep you company.
L: Like... my dolly?
me: Yes! Your dolly.
K: And my dolly?
me: Yup!
L: And my... nose-y?
me: No, not your nose
L (giggling): Or my pootypooty
me: No. (turning to K) We can look up words if we don't know them.
K: 'Look up words?'
me: Yeah, in a dictionary. (turning to the bookshelf above the table) I used to have... It's a book... a book... you look up words...
K: If they're not on the computer? Look them up?
me (laughing with M): Uh, yeah, you can look words up on the computer. But dictionaries were from before computers.
K: You have a dictionary?
me (possibly indignant): Yeah! I have a lot of dictionaries!!

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