Tuesday, April 5, 2011

definitions (special "jugular" edition): blood / bleed

Just when you thought you'd never see another in your lifetime, it's once again double-definition tuesday!

blood - verb, to lose bleed from a wound. Usually involves excited exclamations and an insistence on getting a Barbie bandaid

me (walking into the house after work): Hello the house!
K (sitting on the couch): Hi Daddy.
me: How was school.
K: Ok. Will you read me a book?
L (from the kitchen): Daddy!! Come thee!!!
me: Ok L. Let me take off my shoes. K, I'll read you a book. Let me check on your sister first.
K: She has a blister.
me: Oh yeah? (walking into the kitchen) Hi L.
L (sitting on the floor and trying to get a good look at her heel): Daddy! I'm blooding!! My thplinter is blooding!!! I need a bandaid!!! We have new bandaids and I need one!!!!
me: Ok, ok, let's have a look....

bleed - noun, the substance you lose when you have a wound that is blooding.

me (bending down to get a good look at L's heel): Oh yeah. Let me get you a bandaid.
L: Yeah, becauth I don't want to get bleed on my dreth!
me: No, you don't. No one wants that.
L: Yeah, no one wanth that!! Daddy, can you read to me?

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