Wednesday, January 6, 2010

single-definition wednesday: bolly-ball

bolly-ball - noun: a game played using a bolly-ball (duh) and a net on a warm sandy beach.


me: L, look at this. This is what you and K are going to do, play volleyball as a pair and go to Stanford on a free ride and then to the Olympics and we won't have to pay for your college but we'll get to go watch you winning.
L: Mama, bolly-ball!
M: Hmm... yeah.
me: They won't have to wear those short-shorts!
M: Right, you'll tell them not to and they'll listen to you.
me: Right.
K: Actually, it's volleyball.
L: Bolly-ball!
K: No! Volleyball!

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Anonymous said...

I so look forward to seeing what path your kids really take you on--while Stanford and bolly-ball are great goals I'm guessing you'll be taken down a path you never envisioned! KVZ